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Chicken Captions for Instagram: Here I have selectively collected unique and amazing Chicken Captions and Quotes for you guys to post on your social media along with your crispy and juicy chicken delicacy.
Chicken wings are a popular appetizer or snack food, typically deep-fried and served with a variety of sauces for dipping. They consist of three parts: the wingette (the flat, meatier part), the drumette (the meatier, curved part), and the tip (which is usually discarded). Chicken wings have become a staple food item in American cuisine and are often served at bars, sporting events, and as party food.

Chicken Captions for Instagram

  • Joey doesn’t share fried chicken!
  • I am an addict.
  • Crispy fried chicken.
  • Fried chickens can break the ice when on a date!
  • Fried chicken – always & forever!
  • Fried chicken for the soul.
  • Life seems empty when I get no chicken around.
  • When life gives you chicken, make fried chickens out of them.
  • Delicious juicy fried chickens are on the way! #takeout
  • Chicken is my first love.

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Fried Chicken Captions

  • Chickens do not give you high expectations.
  • Eat us up like never before!
  • A chicken’s wish is only fulfilled when you eat them up satisfactorily.
  • Make a wish before you gobble all up.
  • Who should you save first – the chicken or the planet?
  • Fulfill a chicken’s wish by eating them up delightfully.
  • Ripping it apart since 1999.
  • Thank God for Noah and his ark! I can save chickens for the afterworld.
  • Thank God for chickens.
  • What would we have done without chickens?

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Chicken Biryani Captions

Do you love posting your Biryani Captions on Instagram along with your pictures the see below:

  • Feast fit for a king 🍛 #chickenbiryani
  • Bringing the heat to my plate 🔥 #spicybiryani
  • Biryani bliss 💕 #yum
  • Rice, spices, and chicken oh my! 🍢 #chickenbiryani
  • Aroma so good, it’s worth every calorie 🤤 #biryani
  • Flavors exploding in my mouth 💥 #chickenbiryani
  • Biryani, because some things are worth the extra rice 💕 #foodie
  • Biryanis for the win 🏆 #chickenbiryani #foodcoma
  • Rice never tasted so good 🤤 #biryani #spicychicken
  • Spice up your life with a plate of biryani 🌶️ #chickenbiryani

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Butter Chicken Captions

  • Chickens taste tastier in my mind than in real life.
  • When the crescendo hits, a fry needs to be in my hand.
  • Do not take out your anger on fried chickens.
  • Chickens have already been sacrificed for your pleasure.
  • Did you take a piece from my plate? It’s wartime!
  • Like water to your body, fried chicken is to me.
  • I never sit idle. I always eat a fried chicken.
  • I am open to a healthy diet. But that should include fried chicken.
  • You never had fried chicken?
  • If you can’t cook good fried chickens, you aren’t a chef.

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Chicken Wings Captions

  • Good chefs sometimes fail to make good fried chickens!
  • You are a qualified chef only when you know to cook good fried chickens!
  • All hail the KFC fried chickens.
  • Don’t fry my brain, fry some chickens.
  • Be my guest and make me some fried chickens!
  • 10 fried chicken wings to go, please.
  • Chicken, chicken, and some more chicken.
  • I could have been a butcher. Then I’d murder and eat some chicken.
  • Vegans haven’t tasted my fried chicken.
  • Vegans should try fried chickens.

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Chicken Curry Captions for Instagram

  • How can you just give up on chickens!
  • When in doubt, always have a fried chicken.
  • There’s no point in sharing a bucket. Get your own!
  • What is a party without any chicken?
  • What do you get for parties, if not chickens?
  • It’s party time with fried chicken!
  • Fried chicken gives you more pleasure than your partner.
  • Fried chickens can satisfy you more than your partners.
  • Don’t judge, especially when I am eating fried chicken.
  • Do you get chicken in hell?

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Chicken Burger Captions

  • Better do good deeds. I have heard, you do not get chicken in hell.
  • Fried chicken automatically becomes 10% tastier after getting stoned.
  • I love the smell of fried chickens.
  • Do not smell my chicken. Half of the deliciousness is in the smell.
  • Chickens always sacrifice for you.
  • The most favorite meal of the day – fried chicken!
  • Break the ice with fried chicken!
  • Fried chickens help you bond!
  • Bonding sessions with fried chicken!
  • Rip out the fried chicken with all your might!

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Grilled Chicken Captions

  • Beers and fried chicken make my ideal holiday.
  • KFC-style fried chicken but home-made!
  • Know the difference between KFC & Fried chicken!
  • Delicious, finger-licking fried chicken to increase your hunger!
  • Party with beers & fried chicken!
  • Feel the chicken, smell the chicken, and then gobble it up.
  • KFC fried chicken is overrated. Try my home-made!
  • My sister made these amazing KFC-style fried chicken! Guess it’s not a secret anymore.

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Chicken Quotes for Instagram

  • Who cares about etiquettes when you are eating fried chicken?
  • You can keep your etiquettes to yourself and let me eat in peace.
  • Know no etiquettes while gobbling chickens! 
  • Someone’s cooking fried chicken.
  • You wanna later go eat some fried chicken?
  • We always wind up at the chicken store every Sunday! #destiny
  • Chilling with peeps with fried chicken and whiskey. #chilling
  • Late-night fried chicken cravings.
  • Who wants to be hot when you can simply eat fried chicken?
  • Fried chicken kisses better than anybody else.

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Funny Chicken Quotes

  • Kiss your fried chicken before eating it up.
  • Reward yourself with a bucket of fried chicken.
  • Fried chicken is a better man than Stefan & Damon combined.
  • Fried chicken cravings are real
  • Sex is over-rated. Have you tried fried chicken with mayo dips?
  • Fried chicken is my comfort food.
  • Soulful fried chickens!
  • College life is incomplete without gobbling up chicken every day!
  • What is college life without any chicken and alcohol! #enjoy
  • The chicken has already died for you!
  • Eat some fried chicken. Take a break.

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Chicken Status

  • Smell it, lick it, bite it.
  • Never sit idle. Look for good chicken shops!
  • Rip that fried chicken apart.
  • Put on a face mask and hog on chicken.
  • I love the smell of fried chicken
  • My only wish is to eat all the chicken and waffles.
  • The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.
  • Break the ice with fried chicken!
  • My favourite food is chicken, so today I will celebrate the whole day by just having fried chicken.
  • It’s never wrong to have a fried chicken moment.

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