(110+) Birthday Status for Wife | Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Wife is your life partner, your companion in every walk of your life. She’s by your side during all ups and downs. Your wife takes care of you and is your homemaker so that you can face the world with courage and confidence.
No matter how much you love her, expressing your love and gratitude for her is equally important.
So wish her a lovely Happy Birthday Status for Wife and show how important and special she’s in your life. Here’s a collection of Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife & Birthday Message for Wife for you.

Birthday Status for Wife

  • “Wishing you a very happy birthday my lovely wife, may God always bless with you everything you deserve and a husband like me for all your lives. Enjoy your day! Love you wife!”
  • “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, every day gets better with you, every year gets more fun with you because you are the company I enjoy the most! Love you wifey!”
  • “I am not going to take any selfies with you, because age hasn’t touched you and I don’t want to be the only one looking older. Happy birthday.
  • “I love your smile, I love your touch, I love your stares, I love your body, I love you! You are simply irresistible. Happy birthday to my wife.”
  • You make not just me, but our whole family completes every single day. I hope that on your special day, you are showered with all the gratitude you so richly deserve.”

Happy Birthday Status for Wife

  • “Everything I have ever wished for in life is you, my dear wife. You are my priceless treasure, and I will cherish you all the days of my life. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, my love.”
  • “It’s been an amazing day as my wife was born and god decided our destiny and faith. Since then till now I think my life has been the best because of her. Happy birthday, wife! Love you wife!”
  • “My love, on this day that you celebrate your birthday I want you to know that you are the best wife in the whole world and I am so lucky to be your husband. Happy Birthday, sweet wife.”
  • “Happiest birthday to my soulmate, someone who has delivered me best wishes, cooked food at the mid-night and always woke up before me. I couldn’t find anyone like you, love you wife! Love you wife!”
  • “Life could be difficult if you get along with the wrong partner but I was lucky to find my happy place in you. Happiest birthday wife, I wish the best for you! Love you wife!”
  •  “Happy Birthday, have a truly perfect day because you are so special, I wish you a wonderful day.”
  • “You are the most beautiful woman and I am lucky to be your husband. Baby, I wish you all the good things in life and most of all today I wish you a Happy Birthday.”
  • “Dearest wife, whenever I say that you are my ‘wife’ it gives me utmost pride and happiness. I wish to have you as my wife all my life! Loads of love!”
  • “Happy birthday to the wife who understood me, who stood behind me like a rock, who congratulated me for my happiness and shared a shoulder in my sadness. Love you darling!”
  • “Speaking of where life takes us, I am sure if I am with you I am going to cross every hurdle that comes my way just by having you by my side. Happy birthday, wife, love you, honey!”

Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • “If I had to choose again, u would definitely be my number one all over again. You are the light of my life and I love you so much. On this special day, I want to tell you Happy Birthday baby girl.”
  • “You have made my world beautiful just by being yourself. You are my hope. Whenever I am stuck or confused, it is you who guides me on the right path. To the inspiration of my life, a very happy birthday!”
  • “Dear love, please be the same, you are awesome women. I just love you and everything about you. To the most important person in my life, a very happy birthday!”
  • “My lovely wife, every day spent with you makes my life worth living. I want to treasure every moment with you. I love you forever. Wonderful birthday.”
  • “Remembering your birthday is a really tough job for me, but being a romantic husband is an easy task, happy birthday honey.”
  • “You are the music of my soul. You are the one with whom I want to enjoy the music of life. You are the one with whom I want to dance all my life. To my sexy dance partner, happy birthday!”
  • “You are the most wonderful woman in the world to me. You are and will always be – the special girl! Happy birthday!”
  • “Darling here’s wishing you a life always full of happiness. Happy birthday,my sweet wife!”
  • “Best Birthday Wishes for WifeThis special day is a perfect opportunity for me to say sorry to you for all the fights and arguments I had with you. I have found in you a friend for life. Happy birthday!”

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • “This special day is a perfect opportunity for me to say thank you for all that I gave up for me and I love you for everything that you are. Happy birthday, dear wife!”
  • “I must have been a gambler in my past life because I did get lucky to win you as my prize. Happy birthday, wife!”
  • “Thank you for always believing in me and making me feel like the most important thing in your life. You are definitely the most important in mine. Happy Bday.”
  • “To my angel, I hope this year will be filled with happiness and laughter. Wishing you a very happy birthday beautiful wife!”
  • “I thank God every day for blessing me with such a loving wife. Wishing you a very joyful birthday my Queen!”
  • “The way you look at me makes my heart skip a beat and makes me speechless. I love you, my beautiful wife. Happy birthday!”
  • “May all ur life be filled with loving memories! Happy birthday, sweetie! Let’s spend another year happily.”
  • “I pray to the almighty to grant my wish. My wish is to wake up beside you every morning till I am alive and I want to see your smiling face first thing in the morning. To my princess, a very happy birthday!”
  • “Dear wife, always keep loving our family. Our kid and I are totally dependent on you for emotional support and love. Our family exists only because of you. Happy birthday, honey!”
  • “I am still and will always be blinded by our love. I don’t mind since you made me see how beautiful the future can be with you. Happy birthday, love.”
  • “Happy birthday my sweetheart, everything in you has an exceptional beauty. And your heart is made of gold. Lots of love from your husband.”
  • “Love you my sweetheart and happy birthday to you. We both compliment each other and in my life, you are like a dream come true. Happy Birthday!”
  • “You are all things wonderful, all things meaningful and all things possible. I am blessed to have a perfect wife. Happy bday, dear.”
  • “To my darling wife, wish you a happy birthday and thank you for making my life a heaven.”
  • “You are incredible, and I’m lucky to have you as my partner. Happy Birthday to you my sweetheart!”
  • “Your birthday is my birthday too. I’m celebrating the joy of having you in my life. Happy birthday, honey.”

Birthday Message for Wife

  • “You changed my imperfect existence to a perfect one and made my imperfect world become a perfect world. U are indeed a perfect wife. Happy birthday!”
  • “May God always bless you with amazing children and a husband like me, happy birthday wife. You are the greatest gift of god to me, love you, darling!”
  • “To my beautiful wife, I hope this year brings u as much joy and happiness that you have brought and continue to bring into my life. Happy birthday!”
  • “Happy birthday to the perfect wife who has made me the perfect husband that I am today.”
  • “It is another birthday for you and another year of being together. Thank you for putting up with me and have a very happy birthday darling.”
  • “Just like a magician, you always surprise me with your actions. I’m so blessed to have you as my wife. Love you sweetheart, and happy birthday to you!”
  • “No matter how old you get, you will always be my cute, sweet, beautiful girlfriend. I love you, and Happy Birthday!”
  • “All I want to do is hold you in my arms forever because my paradise is right in your loving arms. Happy birthday.”
  • “I’m blessed to be married to you. You are the most beautiful, fantastic, amazing, kind, loving, and sexy woman I have ever met. Happy birthday, beautiful!”
  • “I want you to tell me about your wants and wishes. I want to fulfill all your dreams. I am the fortunate one who got to be your husband. To my sexy wife, wishing you a very happy birthday!”
  • “With you, my life has become crazy, and I want to share my fanatical life only and only with you. Love you darling, happy birthday to you.”
  • “I can share everything with anyone but not your birthday cake. Let’s go to a lonely place to celebrate your special birthday.”
  • “To the girl who has made my colorless life blissful, Happy Birthday!”
  • Happy birthday to my lovely wife from my heart and soul, I love you!”
  • “Thanks for making my life so wonderful that now I don’t know how I used to live without you, and how I’m going to live without you. Happy Birthday, my love.”
  • “Happy Birthday darling, May all your dreams come true. and on this day of happiness, I send my love to you…”
  • “You have made my life a meadow. It’s so wonderful to spend life with you. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!”
  • “With lots and lots of love, I wish you a happy birthday. May all your dreams and wishes for the day turn true. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Thank you for the person I am today, Because you believed in me and stood by my side. You are truly an angel sent by God. Happy birthday!”
  • “Happy birthday my beautiful wife. You are the most striking thing that happened to my life. Once again, I wish you a happy birthday!”
  • “We have built so many things together. Some are valuables, some are paralleled and some are exceptional. With lots of love, happy birthday dear wife!”
  • “Baby, you and I are like peanut butter and jelly. Sure you can have one without the other but why would you? Happy Birthday my wife”
  • “A very happy birthday to my best friend, my partner, my love, my soulmate, my everything. Have a great birthday Wife!”
  • “You are a princess to your parents and my queen. You rule our world. Happy birthday, Sugar!”
  • “Birthday Wishes for WifeYour husband loves you a lot and wants to spend all his life in your arms. Please be with me all through my life. Happy Birthday to my lovely and beautiful wife!”
  • “There are many parts of life. But what is life without love? A life without love is not a life at all. With you and me together, there will be more life than ever to love. Happy birthday my wife”
  • “Dear wife, keep protecting our family with your care, affection, and love. The kids and I love you. You are the backbone of our family who keeps everyone together. On your special day, wishing you happy birthday honey!”
  • “Not just on special days but all throughout the year you make me feel special, blessed, and loved. Today it is my turn to make your day extra special. Get ready for the party my love. Happy Birthday, love!”
  • “As I send this message to my dearest wife, I hope it reminds you that my love will never fade no matter how long it takes. Happy birthday, sweetheart!                                                                                      Birthday my lovely Wife”
  • “Dear Wifey, My life was colorless before you came into my life. You made my days colorful. You are a blessing in my life. Happy birthday, Sweetheart!”
  • “Honey, I always pray to God to give me the strength to fulfill all your wishes and dreams. You are my utmost priority. Wishing you a very Happy birthday Sugar!”
  • “May God bless my beautiful wife with health & happiness!! I will always be there for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!!”
  • “Happy birthday my love! I can never forget the day when you accepted my proposal to be my wife. From that day to today, I never have thought of not sharing my life with you.”
  • “I thank God for many things. And my thank list has your name on the top because everything else has come into my life because of you. Happy Birthday is my reason for happiness!”
  • “Happy birthday to the solution of my each and every problem. Thanks for supporting me and standing for me, every moment. Happy Birthday.”
  • “You always manage to bring joy to my life no matter how heavy the load is. You r my life and my joy. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Happy birthday to the prettiest lady! May all your wishes come true.”
  • “Nobody in this world loves me as you do. You have always supported and inspired me. Happy birthday dear wife!”
  • “I will always celebrate your birthday with you. You deserve the best. Happy birthday to the most beautiful lady who means the most to me.”
  • “You are my wife, the mother of my children, without you, I would be lost. I love you so much darling, I hope you know that. Happy birthday, honey!”
  • “My wife is equal to my life. You shred your wings when I am in need and you are known for your good deed. Happy birthday my wife, love you!”
  • “You are the one who knows me more than myself, who is always there in my support. I never doubt your love, and I know how much you love me. Dear Wife, happy birthday to you!”
  • “There are both good and bad times in life. I love you for always being there with me in my good and bad times. You are the best wife in the world. Happy Birthday.”
  • “I just want to keep saying that “I am so lucky and blessed to have a wife like you” happy birthday and wishing you all the world’s happiness!”
  • “Thank you for showering so much love, thank you for making things happen, thank you for always believing in me. Happy birthday, my wife, I love you!”
  • “I know you have a lot of things to do, so I’m taking them off your hands and doing them for you. Happy Birthday – I Love you!”
  • “I will be forever grateful for the love you have given me all these years. I just hope that you have many more years to spend with me. Happy Birthday!”
  • “I want you to take care of your health. On your special day, I pray to God that he blesses you with a healthy and long life. Wishing you a very happy birthday sweetheart!”
  • I pray to God that he takes away all sadness from your life and gives you just happiness and joy. May you be blessed with even my share of happiness and let me take your share of sadness. Happy birthday, darling, always keep smiling!”
  • “If you ever asked me to show how much I love you, I would say that life is too short for that. Wishing you a very happy birthday.”
  • “Some experience true love through books, prose, and poetry. And some experience through stories, plays, and movies. I have experienced true love looking into your eyes. Happy birthday, my love!”
  • “I love you because I like everything about you. Be yourself, do not change ever. Your every act inspires me. You being around boosted us as a family. Happy birthday, sweetheart!”
  • “May this day bring lots of happiness in your life and may all your desires and wishes be completed.”
  • “You’re the most beautiful and smart woman I have met. For me, you are and always will be that special girl who I will not trade for anything! Happy birthday, sweetheart!”
  • “You are my super bond; the day this bond ends, I end too. I am completely dependent on you for emotional bonds. To my soulmate, a very happy birthday!”
  • “I love driving you crazy and making you mad. It is all in an attempt to play with you. You make me want to be so playful. Happy birthday to my wife.
  • “You work out of the way to keep our family happy and sane. Kids and I are proud of you, my beautiful wife. May you be blessed with all the happiness. We love you; we are always there with you. Wishing you the happiest birthday!”
  • “It is you who make me strong and brave. You have made me capable of standing strong when big waves hit us. You are the protector of our family. To my beautiful wife, happy birthday!”
  • “Hundreds of ways to wish birthdays, but I have chosen to give you a hug because I love to do this. I love you, dear. And wish you a very happy birthday.”

Wives always remember to wish their husbands Happy Birthday Status for Husband. So you better not forget your wife’s birthday. Let us know in the comments how you like this collection of Birthday Status for Wife, Birthday Wishes for Wife, and Birthday Message for Wife.

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